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Anthony “Da Beast “ Suggs

“Born to fight, Champions are born and not made”

Anthony Suggs was born on November 2, 1965 in Washington, DC. He lived there until he was nine years old and later relocated to Delray area in Alexandria Virginia. Suggs’ role model was his dad, whom was a boxer as well. He was the first trainer, who pushed and motivated him to reach his full potential in the sport of boxing. His father was his #1 fan. Suggs’ boxing career started in 1982 when he was in the 10 th grade, that’s were his boxing career quickly excelled. In 1987 Suggs’ became the (5) time Golden-Gloves Champion, National Golden Glove Finalist, Golden Gloves Outstanding Boxer of the year and Olympic Festival Gold Medalist Amateur boxer which ranked him # 1 in the country and #4 in the world by the USA/ABF (Amateur Boxing Federation). With these accomplishments Suggs’ got himself inducted into the Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame for the Potomac Valley Region (DC, Maryland ,Virginia),Suggs’ continued winning, he won the D.C Mayors Cup Boxing National Tournament and The Ohio State Fair Boxing National Tournament These accomplishments didn’t end there, In 1988 he became a three time USA/ABF Champion and was recognized as the Man to Beat for the 1988 Olympics. While in training for the Olympics his infant daughter died and so did the opportunity of competing in the 1988 Olympics. But Suggs’ continued to fight and in 1989 he turned PRO and won two VA State Titles. In 2001

Suggs’ retired his Boxing career but remained active in the community. In 2005 his voting rights was restored by the former Governor of Virginia Mark Warner. Throughout the years Suggs’ has received a numerous amount of awards for his service: 2013 he received the Alexandria Community Service Award from the Departmental Progressive Club,INC, The KIT (kids in trouble) Life Time Achievement Award, The Men of Courage Award for outstanding service done in the community. In 2014 Suggs’ received the Sugar Ray Honorable Mention Award. Today Suggs’ continues to stay active his community and wherever he is needed, Offering speaking engagements to the youth addressing Drug Awareness and Prevention throughout the city: Schools, Youth detention Centers, Rec Centers, Churches and The Substance abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria. Suggs’ was also asked to speak to the youth about Health, Wellness and Discipline at the Congressional Black Cacaus Weekend SPORTS SYMPOSIUM. Today Suggs’ has formed/chaired many successful positive programs such as Shattered Dreams 2011- Drug Prevention/ Drug Awareness program to help teenagers and young adults understand that they have options and to deter them from drugs. Men of Courage 2013 – Program which honors men from Alexandria City who have been positive role models in the community .Unity Day 2014 –Bridging the gap, bringing the different communities together in Peace and Love. Through his church he is chair of the Sports Ministry and works with Outreach Ministry, Suggs’ passion is with the Prison Ministry .Suggs’ continues to share his story, 2011 Suggs was the featured article in the Washington Post, As of today the autobiography book “Da BEAST WITHIN STILL THE CHAMP” which was written by Suggs’ himself is now available on Amazon, there also have been two documentaries done on his life, the major one is still in production “Out of the Ring Still in the Fight.” Due to be release soon.

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