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Da Beast is a fighter who has been fighting all his life. His father use to make him fight all the time as a kid, his friends, family members even if he came home with confrontation, school play grounds or in the neighborhood. His dad would take him back and make him fight. Then he fought as a boxer reaching elite levels and accomplishments. But while at the Olympic Training Center one fight from representing the U S A for the 1988 Olympics his life took a sudden turn for the worst when his daughter dies. Then he fought to get his life back on track from his dysfunctional life as a child mentally and physically. Then he fought with his drug addiction using them and then selling them and his over whelming addiction to women.


Now Da Beast fights the good fight of life to help others using his life story as a testimony that you don’t have to stay down and even if you keep getting knocked down, keep getting up, keeping the faith and never stop fighting until you get it right. Tony "Da Beast" Suggs had to learn to get out of the way and let God take control of his life. Tony thought he could handle and control everything, but he had to learn to get out the way and let God take the wheel and drive.




Da Beast had to learn that he was his worst enemy.

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